Fun Find: This Tufted Chair

Of course, I couldn't pass it up.
I saw it there in the Goodwill...holding it's arms out to me.
I just couldn't walk away.

My eyes were immediately drawn to those big green buttons and its lush green velvet. :)
I almost thought it was too good to be true,
and then I saw just one small problem...
no cushion.

Now, if you're really lucky, then you know how to upholster things and you could whip up something in a flash, but if you're me, you don't.
However, I do happen to know someone fabulous who does. So, I gave my gal a few measurements and a small pattern I created by taping paper together.

And, wouldn't you know it, a whole new chair.

Funny. This chair makes the 4th fabulous thrift chair in the room...
And, I'll be derned if that's not something to be proud of.

(P.S. I'll get a family room tour done soon...my "all around" camera lens broke last week...grrrr...sooooo...I'm trying to figure out what to do next...
in fact, if you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them! I've got an old school Nikon D60 and it was the "kit" lens that broke. It's gotta be something similar that would capture a whole room...and I wouldn't mind stepping it up a small notch...)

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A niche...really?

When we first looked at this house, we all kinda joked about these little niches that sat tucked on either side of the front door. "How weird," I thought. Why in the world would someone need such a thing? 

The people that lived here before us simply hung a single picture in each one. It was fine, but still looked a bit awkward and somewhat out of place...

For a while there I went back and forth with what I would do with the spaces, but once I recieved Fleming's little housewarming gift, I became pretty certain about at least one of them...

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Fun Find: vintage embroidery

I guess we've been in our new house about 3 months now, and I'm embarrassed to say it took a good 2 before we had Fleming and her crowd over for supper.
Ridiculous, I know. Especially seeing as how they only live about 5 miles from here.

After ripping open the bag she brought that night, I was so consumed with how incredibly perfect this sweet, little find was that I forgot to ask her when she actually found it...

but somehow her timing was impeccable.
One day I'll show you her house...

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Wednesday Redo: Old Lockers

When I saw my bud Debbie's locker redo, there was no doubt it had to be shared...

As if you weren't already obsessed with lockers, here's one more reason you should be...

Check out how it all went down over at Refresh Restyle.

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the Short Term Baby Gate

Okay, well, I don't know if any of you mamas out there have had a problem with this or not...but I absolutely have. I envision just that...a short-term baby gate. Because, I mean it IS short term...what? Like 2 years tops? Coming into this house, our baby gate options were horrible. With our particular set up, my choices were either: something that falls or something that destroys your banister...and well, I had no intentions of choosing either. Not to mention what an eye sore they can be! So if I'm able to take it down for company or what have you, then I certainly want that option.

If you're familiar at all with buying a house, then you know how crazy it is. Literally, walking in a house maybe twice, and then making a life altering decision to buy the thing! (And in our situation, waiting another 2 months before you're actually living there.) It's really pretty nuts, if you ask me.
Anyway, in the few times that we visited the house before we actually closed, I took a bunch of pictures of the stairwells and got to work over at Annie's...

(A small side note: I am fully aware how horrific many of these pictures are. We did this late at night on a time crunch...)

-zip ties (size based on your measurements)
-2 bungee cords (Again, size based on your measurements, but several inches smaller. You want it to be as tight as you can when you hook it up.)
-drop cloth or fabric of your choice
-2 eye hooks (shown below)
-2 small metal rings (shown below)

The first thing I did was measure and cut my fabric. You'll need to measure the width and height of the stairwell space you intend on blocking off, adding an extra inch on the sides and an extra two inches on the top and bottom.

After it was cut, I double folded (about a 1/2 inch each fold), ironed and sewed each side down.

Next, I folded the fabric (at the top) over the bungee cord and sewed it in place (making sure to backstitch at both ends).

Now, this is the part when you'll need a little help...
Because your bungee cord will be shorter than your fabric piece, about half way in you'll need someone to pull it taut while you sew it to the end. You'll do this same thing on the bottom as well
...all while making sure you get a few sips of wine in...

Mind you, once you've finished sewing in the two bungee cords, it will look scrunched up and funny. It isn't until you actually install it that it comes together!

In order to do that, at the top we simply attached a metal ring on the zip tie and pulled it as tight as we could.

And, at the bottom we screwed in the eye hook.
The bungee hooks slide right through the metal hooks to take on and off whenever we please.

If I would have had more time to do this, I probably would have chosen a fun fabric...but in using a drop cloth, I feel like I could always come back do something fun with paint maybe? (Of course, it would have been much easier to do that sort of thing before I sewed it and it was still flat...)

(One final note: Do be aware that this may not work for every child! My little one is 18 months, and he's done great with it. He's hung on it many, many times but never once has he gone over it. There is certainly a possibility that a child could go around it, but again he's never attempted that either. I think for the most part, it's just too much effort to deal with, so he moves along. If he is hanging around it, then I try to distract him away from it, because I do realize there will come a day when he will figure it out. Of course, I'm hoping by then I'll have reached the point where I feel much more comfortable with him climbing anyway...)

I hope this is helpful, guys! It really has been over here!

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Those Lamps...

Maybe you remember my post from last week about my $7 lamp finds...
Well, I knew they needed a super fun shade...and well after searching and searching for weeks with no avail, I decided to take matters into my own hands and get them made.
So, I used this fabic (and just closed my eyes when I signed the receipt).

And although, it was definitely my splurge in the room...

I feel pretty strongly that it was well worth it.

(The verdict's still out on whether or not Grady thinks so....)
(Sorry, dear.)

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The Ole Train Case Redo

Well, I've had a great run these past few years on the blog...doing a project right before it was due and it actually working the way I planned...but this time, not so much...

Hahaha! So with that, THIS is you RRR project this month...

If you've been here a time or two, then you already recognize this project.
Yep. I've done this before. And it turned out perfectly...
flawless, I might even suggest. 
(okay, maybe not that good...but, pretty darn good!)

However, this go around wasn't quite the same.
Here's what I was working with:

For starters, my paint couldn't match up. (Sorry, Valspar...but you don't quite make the cut for this particular project.) It scaped right off and even felt wet in several places even after several days of drying. I kept hoping it just had too much moisture and needed more drying time...but nothing changed.

So, here I am... resorting back to my original post...over a year ago.
Here's what I started with then...

And here it was finished.
Pretty easy, really. It was a matter of taping off and using RUSTOLEUM spray paint..."candy pink," to be exact. No scraps, scratches, rips or tears in over a year, I'm happy to admit.

And, it's clearly been a hit...with the prince and princess, that is...

Now, you've GOTTA check out the other cool projects this month...you know, the ones that we're big fat FAILS. ;)

Surely things will work out better next month...;)

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